Clean Up Politics

Big corporates and the super wealthy are buying political influence. It’s time to strengthen Tasmania’s laws to keep money out of politics.

lutruwita/Tasmania has the weakest political donations laws in the country. 

You might remember seeing the influence of millions of dollars of pokies money at the last state election. We’ll never know exactly how much the pokies barons gave the Liberals, because most political donations never have to be declared. Each and every year both major parties rake in huge sums of money from unknown sources.

Our democracy is being undermined by the toxic influence of secret money. The Liberal and Labor parties are being corrupted by vested interests, and refuse to be held accountable. We need reform, and we need it now.

The Greens plan for a stronger democracy includes:

  • Hard limits on donations
  • Real time disclosure of contributions over $1,000
  • A ban on corporate and foreign donations

If you want politicians to represent everyday Tasmanians, not big corporates and the super wealthy, sign now to help the Greens clean up politics.

I call on the Tasmanian Government to strengthen political donations laws.

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