Leave No One Behind

Income support for all who need it

Many Tasmanians are really hurting at the moment. The coronavirus pandemic has cost thousands of jobs and caused hardship for workers, small businesses and sole traders.

The federal government’s $1500 a fortnight wage guarantee is a welcome step that will support many people through this difficult period.

But thousands of Tasmanian casual workers won’t be eligible for this payment because they have changed jobs in the past twelve months. 

This is most common for workers in the industries that have been hardest hit by the economic impacts of the coronavirus, including retail, hospitality and tourism. This is also a gender inequality issue, with women most likely to be excluded. 

As this crisis continues to hit our health system and economy, we have to work together to make sure that we leave no one behind.

Will you join our campaign to ensure income support is available to everyone who needs it?

Make income support available to all who need it

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