Make Public Transport Free

Public transport is an essential service. It’s time we made it free.

Public transport in Tasmania is too expensive and unreliable. 

By getting rid of bus fares, and increasing services, more of us will be able to get where we need to go, when we need to get there. 

Free public transport will make Tasmania a fairer and more liveable place, reduce carbon emissions, and make our cities less congested for those who do need to drive. 

It’ll also make it easier to access education, training and employment, and other basic needs, like the supermarket or doctor. It’ll free up more time for friends and family. 

The Greens’ plan for Tasmania invests $110M extra into public transport over the next four years. We believe ‘normal’ isn’t good enough anymore, and that Tasmanians will transform free public transport into energy and opportunity.

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I support making public transport free in Tasmania

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