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Let’s rebuild a clean, green and clever Tasmania

The recovery from the COVID-19 crisis is a chance to reshape the future.

For decades we have seen our social safety net eroded by successive governments who were more focused on looking after corporations than they were on looking after people. The coronavirus crisis has laid bare the results of this for all to see. 

These same governments have been happy to destroy, degrade, and pollute our natural environment for the sake of profit. The climate emergency hasn’t received much attention in the past few months, but it remains an urgent issue. 

As we come out of this global pandemic, a plan for the way forward is more important than ever. 

Unfortunately the Government has got a jump on us, appointing a number of fossil fuel interests to lead their COVID-19 Economic Recovery Taskforce. We have no doubt their big business mates are already pushing their agenda and putting pressure on the Government to cut so-called “Green and Red Tape”. This is code for weakening environmental laws, interference by the fossil fuel industry and degradation of workers rights. This is exactly what we are seeing in Trump’s America.

We simply can’t let them get away with this and we need to push back. It’s never been more urgent to press home the opportunity for reform.

As we rebuild our economy, it doesn’t have to be at the cost of a safe climate, the environment and equality. 

In their COVID-19 economic recovery efforts, we’re calling on all Governments to prioritise:

  • Addressing the climate and environmental crisis;
  • Creating a fair and caring society; and
  • Making sure nobody is left behind.

Let’s rebuild a clean, green and clever Tasmania


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