Save Tasmania’s Climate and Research Jobs

On top of the current COVID-19 crisis, now is not the time to be putting at risk more jobs and Australia’s critical climate, oceans and Antarctic science research.

The Federal Government has just announced ARC funding for Climate and Antarctic science but it largely leaves Tasmania behind.

After decades of hard work, Tasmania is now internationally recognised as the ‘Antarctic Gateway.’ The shock news that Tasmania was unable to secure long-term funding for its critical globally-recognised climate science research is a huge blow to our scientists, local communities and economy. It’s also an insult to Tasmania’s globally-renowned reputation.

The climate emergency continues to impact all of us drastically and Tasmania’s researchers are at the frontline of critical work in measuring its impact and finding solutions.

Now, more than ever, we need to increase overall investment in our climate science research capability. We are calling on the Federal Government to act on the Clark Review and immediately provide funding certainty and continuity to Southern Ocean, Antarctic and climate research.

Photo by James Eades

Save Tasmania’s Climate and Southern Ocean Research Jobs

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