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The Liberals want to deny everyday Tasmanians a say in planning decisions and help developers push through big projects no matter how controversial they are. 

That’s why they have designed new laws – the Major Projects legislation. 

These laws would sideline local councils and communities from decision-making, remove the right to appeal, and subvert planning processes. 

Labor says they intend to support these laws. 

We can’t let this happen. Having a say in where we live really matters.

There are already plenty of examples of unpopular projects that could be fast-tracked if these laws pass. Westbury Prison, Cambria Green, the Fragrance Towers, Southwood, Lake Malbena, and cable cars at kunanyi, Mt Roland, and Cataract Gorge – any of these could become a ‘Major Project’, and there would be nothing concerned Tasmanians could do about it. 

And who knows what dodgy deals have been discussed behind the scenes for future projects?

Tasmanians have the right to have a say in all planning decisions. Now is the time to stand up and make sure the Liberal and Labor parties know local communities will not be silenced. 

Help us save Tasmania from the Major Projects laws.


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